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Fenfuro, An Innovation In Diabetes Management, Helps Lowering Blood Cholesterol And Glucose Level Read more:

Millions of people are suffering from diabetes around the globe and only a few percent of those are actually aware of their condition. The rest do not even have a single clue that they are diabetics and still live their lives unmindful of the necessary measures to prevent their diabetes from getting serious. If you are suspicious of having your blood sugar high than the normal level during your annual or bi-yearly medical tests, then you shouldn"t wait for another day, immediately get yourself checked for diabetes. It is always better to know about diabetes in early stages so that you can manage it properly. Now, consider the scenario you already know you have diabetes then you also must understand that several parameters of your life style might also change significantly for you to keep your blood sugar level normal and minimize complications brought by diabetes to your body. Diabetes may also come from the genes or unhealthy lifestyle. The hereditary foundations you cannot change, and so we turn to your lifestyle to control or prevent diabetes.
In any of the case, when you know you have diabetes, always take it seriously. As long as you are able to cope with it, however, and keep on checking your blood levels and take precautions when it comes to eating, there is no reason why it should shorten your life. Medical science has advanced so much that now there are many effective methods to deal with and treating diabetes. They include but not limited to medication, diet, and exercise. All of them, however, require you to be careful about checking your blood glucose levels at regular intervals. Therefore, if you have diabetes, you should keep monitoring your levels often (may be once or twice a day).
To make life easy for diabetes patients, Chemical Resources India launched their innovation in diabetes management. The product, FENFUROTM is a group of Furastanolic Saponins - extracted from Fenugreek Seeds (TRIGONELLA FOENUM - GRAECUM) made through a novel innovative process involving physical separation only without affecting the chemical properties of the active fractions. It is a 100% natural plant product for diabetes management; non toxic, very powerful pancreatic stimulator and natural insulin secretion promoter. It has been scientifically proved that FenFuro has blood cholesterol and blood glucose lowering properties. This product is a perfect blend of traditional and modern science; it is being exported to US for the last one year and has been recently launched in India.
Studies have shown that adding Fenugreek to your diet reduces fasting blood sugar and improves after-meal glucose tolerance significantly. Studies in animals demonstrate positive effect on reducing post meal glucose levels with little or no increase in blood insulin concentrations - a clear indicator of improved insulin sensitivity. Studies have also shown that Fenugreek extract plays a valuable role in insulin promotion and glucose regulation.
While no side effects of Fenugreek having been reported till date but its use during pregnancy is discouraged.

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