Monday, 2 May 2011

Six body signs you shouldn't ignore

Don’t ignore these tell tale indicators.You body is signaling that there is something wrong…

By Sayoni Sinha for yahoo
There is more hair in your comb than on your head. Your new denims can’t stay buttoned up for long and irritating dust particles float in your eyes. You panic thinking that some dreaded disease has hit you and search the Internet for a quick fix. The search results in ten different diseases and you are not sure which one is more severe. Sounds familiar? Relax. With the help of health experts, we list few unknown symptoms (and solutions) which may strike women.

Rebound headaches:
Like heartache, rebound headaches refuse to go. They keep coming back even after you have popped in a few painkillers. Well don’t blame the headache, the culprit here is the pill. Overuse of medication makes the body resistant to its effects. When they don’t work as well, people take stronger doses of the medication. This continues to desensitize the body, triggering yet another rebound headache.
Doc’s Tip: Ride out the rebound headache by avoiding painkillers as much as you can. Never take any painkiller for longer than two consecutive days. Always consult a doctor if the symptoms persist.

Bloating: It is not that time of the month and you feel bloated. Well blame your drinking habits then.Alcohol dehydrates your body and as little as two glasses is risky. When you drink too much, your kidneys go on a panic mode and start conserving water leading to water retention. Even coffee and tea can cause problems if had in excess.
Doc’s tip: Drink at least a glass of water every two hours, which will get your kidneys functioning regularly again. Stay away from salty and sodium-rich processed foods, which will cause you to hold in water longer. The bloating will subside in two days.

Delayed or no Periods: You are not pregnant and still you have skipped your chums twice in a row. You should panic though not much. There can be quite a few reasons and the most common culprit is stress. Stress hinders ovulation and the hormonal changes in your body can wreck havoc on your menstrual system. If there is a delay of eight to ten days, there is nothing to worry about.
Doc’s Tip: Cut back stress by eating a balanced meal and include some form of exercise and yoga to bring your cycle back on track. It is best to visit your gynac for a proper check-up.

Dizziness: Your world goes round every time you stand up. If you think there is something wrong with you then dizziness is just the signal. When the blood supply to the brain is limited or a change in blood pressure is noticed, it results in light headedness. Dehydration can also make your blood pressure drop and make you dizzy.
Doc’s Tip: keep yourself hydrated and have a liquid diet or foods with high water content. Should the faint feeling occur each time you get up or you lose consciousness, see your doctor. It may be due to drop in heaemoglobin and in rare circumstances; it can be a heart problem.

Lumps in breasts: Lately, you have felt several small movable lumps in your breasts. These are nothing but a common and benign condition where your breast tissue retains fluids. The changes are more noticeable in the pre-period week, when hormonal changes cause swelling throughout your body.
Doc’s Tip: Cut back on caffeine heavy foods like coffee, tea and aerated drinks, which causes you to retain fluid and makes the lumps more pronounced. It’s better to avoid salty foods, since they also promote fluid retention.

Floaters in your eyes:
There are dark specks, spots and wormlike lines that are perennially in your field of vision. Though harmless, floaters are annoying and there are ways to prevent them through proper diet
Doc’s Tip: While there is no real way to stop the formation of floaters (that is confirmed) the safest way to cure floaters is to ignore them. There are many ways to strengthen one's eyes which will in turn lessen the creation of new floaters. Having a diet rich in fruits and vegetable is necessary. However, consult a doctor if they turn out to be painful.

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